Feb 14


Did you love the growing
pool of red reflective liquid
that turned blue
and white
and back to red
when the police lights danced
on the surface
of what used to be his
but now is yours.

Did you hate the way he
and walked
and lived
and died?

Did you love the power
That you held in the badge,
that you hold in the badge,
That you had in the badge?

Did you hate the way you

had to patrol the color of his skin,
arrest him because of his neighborhood,
and kill him because you could?

Did you love your family when
they said you were doing your job,
when you killed a person
for being alive?

Did you hate the way that
people cried and showed your
face onchannel 5?

Did you love the feeling
of your cartridge emptying
and how your pale hand didn’t
even shake until he dropped?

Did you hate the way
that people marched and
and cared
as if he meant something
more than what you made him?

Did you hate him more
before you shot him

or after?