Feb 14


*AUTHOR'S NOTE* So... I wrote this a little while ago, (December 23rd, 2017, to be precise.) and I dedicated it to my friend. Her name is Katlyn. She lost her uncle on the day I wrote this, and I never got the chance to share this. 
This is what we all feel like when we lose someone you love. I should know. I lost my father at a very young age. 
This is for anyone who loses someone in their life. 
This is "Loss".


We take life for granted,

And some of us may have ranted,

Of our family and friends,

To them we meet no ends,

They are always, and mostly, the best.

They give happiness, love, all that rest.

But one day, we might lose them.

We’ll have lost our most precious gem.

Sadness overruns us,

We feel like we just got hit by a bus.

It’s hard to get past it,

We lose all our wit.

But one day you’ll find,

yourself out of that bind,

And you’ll remember them forever.

You know that you’ll keep, ever and ever,

The better your life was, the better to know,

That you had a chance, that you can show,

All the friendship and love that you gave,

All the memories you keep, and the times that you save.