Feb 14


What does it mean to be empty?
It means containing nothing, not filled or occupied. 
Some empty things include;
Everything is always filled with something, right?
What about space? You ask. 
Space is empty of everything. 
That's why it's called space. 
I must have the whole universe in my head, then,
because it always feels empty.
Completely void of anything, 
Except a few tiny things floating around,
Insignificant compared to the amount of space they don't occupy. 
I have a universe in my head,
swirling and expanding and completely deprived of anything important. 
I get overwhelmed, 
by all this space.
The pressure builds and builds, 
until I unleash my inner dam of thoughts and ideas 
onto a piece of paper or a sheet of music. 
Usually abstruse and esoteric,
my mind generates a concoction 
of crazy, insane, impossble, and just a little idiotic.
Do you have a universe in your mind? 
Or is yours empty like they want you to believe? 
Join me, and let's explore our galaxies together.