Sep 09
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The Time Alone

I grab my keys and head straight to the car. As I rev the engine, I take off without a trace. I head down to the docks, it's sunset, and all is calm. All that can be heard is the soft whisper echoing inside my brain. I just needed to take a second to embrace what was happening. I just need the sound of silence running through my veins. I take a brief moment and watch as the light from the sun starts to fade away, and the darkness of the quiet night comes into play. It was a beautiful sunset, and a perfect night to be alone. With the day behind me, and the deep blue water rippling in front of me, I decided to take a dip. Without a second to even think about it, my feet hit the water, and when I come up for air, it’s all gone. The taunting memory, the endless time, and the pure moment is all in the past, and for once, I get to be ok with that.