Sep 09


     She was beautiful, but in a different sort of way. I decided that the moment I saw her. She looked at the world with interest and a tilt of her head, with a mingled look of nervousness and excitement. Her whole persona radiated purity. She would say things nervously, but relax as soon as the people around her accepted her words, almost like she wasn't used to talking to much of anyone. She was beautiful in the sort of way that made me cherish and love her, always wanting to be the one that made her smile. Inside and out, she was -is- beautiful.
     She often reminds me of a daisy, spontaneous and happy, but if you ever look at her when she doesn't realize you are, you see a whole new side of her, one that reflects something bigger. Her face is new to me every time I see it, which is not enough, in my opinion. I would crumble on each morning of the many days I would go without seeing her, and build myself up again quickly and joyously every time she would appear once more into my life, if only for a brief time.
     She was beautiful in a way that made everyone love her and want to be friends with her. 
     She doesn't have it easy, not at all. But she keeps going, never giving up, always letting herself shine, and helping others find their light, as well. 
     I wish I could tell her how much I care...
     But maybe, if I did that, I would lose her.