Sep 09
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A Lover's Dictionary

A chair is just a chair
Until someone calls it a throne
A pebble is just a pebble
Until someone calls it a stone
A house is just a house
Until someone calls it a home
And a feeling is just a feeling
Until someone calls it love.

I did not wake up this morning
In fact I never went to sleep
Up late staring at the ceiling
Lights dance and shadows creep
Unable to understand how I am feeling
Surprised, confused, too dark to see
Thinking, thinking, thinking, thinking
Curtains drawn on what is meant to be.

I am sure that I could love you
Go get a job and start to save
Take out a loan on my own house
Open an account at the local bank
Or I could say goodbye for now
Ignore the fire in my brain
Far be it from me to stick around
Without knowing what this means.

There is a definition for every word
There is a reason for everything
There are people who can tell me how to get better
At loving without leaving
The truth is I could easily learn
I could memorize the dictionary
But I could never define you
For you are nothing ordinary.

I would have gone for a drive last night
But they closed the endless parkway
The only road without red lights
The only way I will not hesitate
The smell of you, echoes of your lies
Dreams packed tightly in my suitcause
Shotgun in the glove, the reminder of your eyes
I will leave unless you ask me to stay.

Because I know nothing about words
Or what it is that gives them meaning
Of the butterflies in my stomach
Or the glass in my heart as it beats
That fire that lives inside of my chest
Burning brighter every time you are near me
For I am nothing of a poet
I am but a vagabond and a refugee.

You say I have one foot out the door
And the other stuck in the past
You say that you want something more
That I cannot maintain a life like that
You want me never to return
Confuse me, call me names meant to hurt
Cut me. Watch me bleed. It all comes from the heart.
Or call me what I am-- an imperfect lover. 

Words nothing more than words
Feelings are not worth believing
The only thing I believe in is you
Who you are and what you are thinking
Because you and I have been through the same things
I think that you might be the one to teach me
Because you know what it really means
To write our names in the Lover's Dictionary.