The mornings are now chilly enough that I don't hesitate to put on a sweater after waking up. It's useless to say that Fall is here, because the weather can be so unpredictable, but I have seen red maple leaves already fallen, waiting for the rest of their friends to join them. I daresay it'll be long now, as when wind hits my face it's no longer refreshing, but a little chilly. Let's enjoy these days, for they'll be gone far too quickly. And enjoy some wonderful writing and photographs, too! Welcome to the YWP newsletter!

If you already know what the newsletter is, feel free to skip the next paragraph. 

Hello! This newsletter highlights writing, audio and images and any happenings in the YWP Community. We are a small band of YWP Community Leaders who also help create Challenges and select Daily Reads, Recommended and work for Publication. As the editors of the newsletter, our role is to bring you authors extra audience and shine and to bring you readers some special pieces of work. Please pass along this newsletter or the links to the stories to bring the authors even more viewers. Enjoy! 

This week we feature the work of Quell, nean_bean, wondering about rain, Love to write, lily veronica, About to Snap, Rubber Soul, Abrieart, Marina2020, and Anna.



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The Sweetness We Forget
By Quella

Perhaps death smells like autumn leaves,
maple hands gently fallen,
bodies curled in sweet blood hues
Laid at the feet of their mothers.

What a wonder it is that we try so hard to pretend we will never fall from our trees.
It seems such a tragedy to leave this world bare,
To be swallowed by snow.
We forget it seems,
That there is a sweetness in
The bloom that comes later
And a sweetness too in the falling,
In returning to the earth
In red.

(photo credit: nean_bean)
The dark of an unlit candle
By wondering about rain

All the flowers in the world
wouldn't have been enough,
not nearly.
Not enough to cover the gentle
valleys of your heart or the
bed of candles lit as prayers
and silent whisperings to something
bigger than you. 
All the time in the world won't
erase the ever-present
smell of the kitchen as you,
small but a force of nature,
worked throughout it.
The quiet shuffle at 5 am
as you awoke to a day as I am sure
had been done your whole life.
Wisely crafted from years past
I felt you always saw
right through people.
"Oh Mija I have missed you".
I have missed you too but now
the words are spoken
to an empty chair and the 
quiet flickering of candlelight.

(photo credit: Love to write)
By lily veronica

Alone in your room
Your friends left an hour ago
Tomorrow is the first day of school
Summer, you realize, drifted by the way you fall asleep
Slowly, then suddenly

You want to cling to these last few moments even though
Your outfit is planned
Your bag is packed
Your face is washed
You had to fill that hour with something, or the first day of school would have been shit

So you click a nob
Move the needle
Lay on your bed as the music starts
The music you listened to all summer
And as you fall asleep so does
The warmth
The green
The sun
The happiness

"Until next 
June," you think
"See you soon"

-august 28th, 8:19 pm

(photo credit: About To Snap)

Tiny Writes
I always ask "are you there?" not because I don't know that you aren't, but because maybe you will see that I'm here and join me.
--Rubber Soul

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