Oct 28
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“It will be great!” I shout again and again. Maybe I won’t sleep, I mean how could I? I have been waiting for this for such a long time, well really only a week. I was more excited than a toddler who got their head stuck in a bucket for the first time. I scream and jump up and down, I know I’m an adult but who cares, I wanna do it and I just can’t wait. What if I don’t get to do what I want to do? What if they don’t let me? I just really wanna follow through with my plan, but what if it fails? Oh, I’m so nervous, but you know what, they can’t stop me! I will do what I want and they can’t stop me, nope they can’t stop me. Ha, I feel proud. They will never stand in my way. I will do great and I will succeed.
 “I will succeed!” I shout.
 “Sandy cut that out, this is ridiculous” my grandpa shouts back.
  “I WILL NEVER! I have been working for this moment and this moment only. “You can’t stop me!” Ha, he doesn’t yell back, I defeated him just Like I’ll defeat them. They are the enemy, I am the warrior.
 “I’m so excited!” why can’t the day just hurry up? I just want to complete my ultimate dream, no one can stop me. I will complete it even if my grandpa drags me away. My goal may be dumb and ridiculous but I’m feeling rebellious.
 “Sandy! Stop it, this is so dumb.” my grandpa shouted, I’m sorry if I’m just trying to have a little fun before my 27th birthday. You can’t control my life grandpa! Nope, it won’t happen, I will scream and cry until I complete this dream.
   Maybe I should sleep, but wait no I can’t! What if I wake up and miss it? Then I would have to wait till next week, and I just can’t do that. I saved up just enough for this and I can’t miss it, plus I specifically requested time off from work just to do this.
   This is about the time I passed out. I was way too tired for anything. I woke up just in time to leave. It was finally time to go to the brand new cupcake shop down the road. Oh God, I was so nervous, what if all the cupcakes were gone. This place had quite the hype. My entire goal was to build a beautiful cupcake tower and buy all the cupcakes they sold, but what if they were all gone? I’ll be crushed.

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