Oct 28

A short, not-nearly-as-complete-as-I'd-like-it-to-be tribute to Mick Ronson

Today I randomly feel like shedding some light on an underrated musician: Mick Ronson
David Bowie fans will know Ronson as the petite, delicate-featured, glammed-out blond guitarist standing next to Bowie onstage, singing backup and shredding guitar. Despite playing several instruments and working with several notable musicians such as Van Morrison and Bob Dylan, he's not quite as well-known as he should be. 
Besides being a multi-instrumentalist, was also a songwriter, producer, and arranger. Mostly working as a studio session man and playing behind frontmen, his brilliance was revealed to the world as the lead guitarist of David Bowie's band, the Spiders from Mars. 
But Ronson didn't just play guitar for Bowie. He became his right-hand man, part of his iconic image. Even for those who don't know his name, the slender, blond, long-haired man standing beside Bowie is an iconic image of the 70's rock scene. Onstage, they possesed an irrisistable charisma and magnetic draw, singing and playing guitar, strutting about in eye-popping costumes, and engaging in rather suggestive stage antics that both delighted and scandalized audiences. 
Even after the Spiders from Mars' split in 1973, Mick Ronson remained Bowie's friend and worked with him him numerous times, further cementing their side-by-side image. Bowie was not content with Ronson remaining in the shadows, his status in the music world helped him pull Ronson into the light and, many years later, a documentary about Mick Ronson was released under the title Beside Bowie: The Mick Ronson Story: David Bowie himself narrated it.
Ronson went on to create several initially successful solo albums, the most poplular reaching No. 9 on the UK chart, as well as working with many other musicians. His image as the guitarist beside Bowie is iconic, and his distinctive stage presence and guitar-playing style earned him a name in the musical world.
Mick Ronson died of liver cancer on April 29, 1993. He was fourty six years old.
Eerily, David Bowie also succumbed to liver cancer over twenty years later. He was sixty nine.