Dec 20
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She tells herself every day that she’ll conquer her fear.

When she gets a muffin at the small coffee shop on the corner and stares up while she takes a bite. Not at the sky, but at the tall glass building that blocks out the sun. It’s almost a tradition for her. Passersby stare at the strange girl who stops and stares at the skyscraper. And she takes a step, toward where the towering building was built from the solid earth, where it’s safe.

She walks with determination to the double doors that grant access to her biggest fear. She only pauses to throw out her half-eaten muffin in a small trash can. Large heavy doors are pushed open to reveal a vast room full of bustling strangers.

She makes her way over to the elevator doors, and hits the up button. The shiny silver doors open quickly and after a slight hesitation she steps in. The top floor button lights up as her shaky fingers press it. The doors close and she’s alone. She closes her eyes. The elevator rises.

And rises,

and rises,

and rises.

The ding of the elevator doors opening startles her. Her eyes fly open and she steps out, feet unsteady and hands shaking. She wipes her sweaty hands on her jeans. Gray eyes fearfully stare straight ahead. Through the giant glass window and out to the sprawling city. Her mouth goes dry, and she has to remind herself how to breathe.




Her heart sounds as if it will burst from her chest. She is absolutely terrified of heights like these.

But she made it.

And the view is absolutely amazing.    
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