Oct 18
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What Happened?

I need to think

What happened

Where did this anger come from

Hidden inside  me

Visions of the night I hurt her


Don't think about it

Sirens yelling at me

Blue and red flashing.

The lights turn my skin purple

I run

I run through the woods

I feel the breeze

Tears run down my face as I feel the leaves crunching under me

My face gets hot with fury and confusion

I halt

I’m here

I walk down to the dock as the wood planks creak and echo

I take my shoes off

I sit on the edge

The water engulfs my feet.

My body relaxes as my actions swiftly come back in memory

I didn't mean to hurt her

I obliterate my tears from my canvasy textured skin.

My eyes wander

The beautiful light catches my eyes

I watch the sunset shimmer over the lake

The sun looks at me with pity

It slowly diminishes under the mountains

This relaxes me  

My tenseness lowers like a elevator

The sun sets

The water is cold as goosebumps spread all over my body

Chills rattle my bones

Down,down,down . . .