Nov 15
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the argument

Fighting words

Samuel corti
    I walked into the Library one day and Tobin Durham was also in the library. He was checking out a book and I was going to take a book test and get a new book as well. We just had our last cross country meet of the season last Saturday and we are both very stubborn people. I beat Tobin at that meet and he didn’t want to admit it. Kelean who hadn’t be able to be at that meet because of ski practice had walked up to us and asked us what we were arguing about I told him we were arguing about the race last Saturday. He wanted to know what happened because Tobin who had had some close calls with me almost beating him before hasn’t told his brothers or parents ha he got beat by me so I told Kelean what had happened han he immediately agreed with me that I beat him. So it kept going and oddly enough there wasn’t any swearing and the librayans didn’t notice it was going on.
    The argument was like this Tobin

“ Sam you didn’t beat me.” Me

“Yes I did beat you and you know it”


“No you didn’t”

“Yes cut the crap Tobin I did beat you and if you don’t believe me go to to see the results”


“what’s going on over here I saw you two arguing as I walked in from the bathroom.”  


Well it’s about the meet on Saturday and I was gently reminding Tobin who has obviously has not been on to see the results from last Saturday.”


“What happened did Tobin PR’


“No but two things happen for me first I broke 20 minutes and second I beat Tobin.”

Keelan “nice”

Tobin “no you didn’t


“I already told you to stop denying it and admit it if you don’t then I’ll pull up the results.”

Keelan: “please do”

So I did and sure enough I beat him with a time of 19:20. Tobin end up with a 19:20.02 but I beat him. So a win’s a win. Kelan was ecstatic that I beat his brother but extremely mad that he couldn’t be there to see me kick tobins butt.


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