Feb 05
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Zebra Finch

My Mom, Dad, and I moved recently. We moved from a big house to a small apartment just big enough for the three of us. My mom thought that we didn’t need such a big house because all my siblings had moved out. Our new landlord said he didn’t want us getting a dog so my mom took me to the pet store to get a smaller animal to make up for it. I was honestly excited. I already have a rabbit so I didn’t want another. I didn’t really want another rodent like a hamster or a Guinea pig. I was thinking maybe a reptile like a snake or a turtle. My mom took me to the pet store after she got off work so it was getting late and I didn’t have much time to pick a pet. I looked at the reptiles played with a few of them but didn’t seem to connect with any of them. There was a snake that seemed nice but i would feel bad feeding it live mice. I wandered through the pet store for awhile. Strolling through the rodent section none of them really caught my eye. I walked through the store until I noticed the birds. When I walked in I heard the familiar sound of a Zebra Finch singing. I had a Zebra Finch. My mom got him from a friend who couldn’t keep him and when I met him I loved him. As soon as I brought him home I researched all about Finches and watched multiple videos on how to get them to be comfortable around their owners. I followed the steps but knew it’d take awhile. He perched on my finger one time. But he was old and a few months later had passed away. Hearing his song brought me back to much simpler times and made me very happy. I walked through and looked at all the brightly colored birds. When an employee walked over to me and told me i’d have to leave soon. I found the bird that was singing like him and told the employee that I wanted him and the one sitting next to him. They seemed close and I wanted them to have a friend when I wasn’t there. We brought them home. I felt the same excitement I did the first time I met my first bird.
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