Feb 06
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The Room

I’ve walked past this sign a plethora of times by now.  The sign reads spaghetti. It is very bright with pinkish red lights.  I’ve been intrigued to enter this store front so many times but I’ve been in a rush.  But, guess what. I just got fired from my job at McDonalds. Supposedly I was not cheerful enough.  Anyway, the point is, I finally have a chance to explore what lays behind the peculiar sign. I enter the building that is the signs abode.  I looks quite divine. Nice leather benches line the walls with beautiful wooden tables sitting in front of them. I don’t see anyone. I head into the back of what seems to be a restaurant.  Nobody. I see a door which is ajar. I open it with caution. What lies behind the door is quite unexpected. A large table sits in the middle of a dark room. Metal chairs circle around it. Stacks and stacks of money lay on the table.  A bulky man is illuminated in the little light. His hand reaches for his belt strap. I try to run away but im too far away from the door. It hits my left shoulder before I even here the deafening boom. I drop to the damp ground drowning with pain.  I hear the pistol being reloaded. The only thing I’m thinking about is how if I was more cheerful I wouldn’t be in this position. But it’s too late. Time slows. I know what’s coming but it feels like hours go by before the bullet penetrates my skin.  It digs into my chest and buries itself in my heart. If only I was more cheerful.
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