Jun 04

Memoir! :D

So, it was sometime around 9:00 or so in the morning, in February. I was sitting in bed, on my phone (like always), and while I’m on my phone.
I get a notification.

So, me being me, I open up “Discord,” (an app on a phone or computer for talking to others), and one of my friends, had told me something..

    So, I’m the “supportive” type of person, and I ask “What’s wrong,” or something along the lines of that, and I waited for an answer… Nothing. Yet. Nothing had been said yet, so, I go back to watching YouTube. While I’m waiting, a message notification pops up. So, of course, I look at it. Not from her, so I go back to waiting.

Then, I get a message from her, I read it, and she told me that she had depression, and I couldn’t form words, I was just too shocked, I was so shocked, it was like I was hit by lighting. Being supportive, I asked if there is anything that I could do to try and help...

She had replied saying that I could try and help. So, I had tried to help, and overtime, I basically became a therapist. Eventually, I had somewhat had helped with her depression, but it wasn’t completely gone.

So, we’re “talking” (it’s more texting than talking) for somewhere around 10 minutes then she says that she’s had it for 4 years, and why she had it for that long. Another thing is that nobody else knew about it, (I guess that’s not the case anymore). So, this one problem, has become an even bigger problem (for me). Because, I’m not really a therapist and I have little knowledge of what to do (at that point).

After she had gotten off, I had started to do a little bit of research “on how to help a person that has depression.” And after a bit of digging, I had found this one sentence: “Being depressed and anxious can be a really lonely experience. Sometimes the most important thing is having supportive people around or checking in. Having a coffee, watching television, phoning or texting to say ’Hi’ can help a lot. When you’re feeling down, knowing that people are thinking of you can really lift your spirits.”

Once she got back online, I had known more about how to help people with depression or anxiety. So, with this newfound knowledge I had decided to try and help her with her depression. After somewhat helping her with her depression even more, I wanted to learn more about depression.
According to medical websites, depression is a “mental health disorder.” I’m no doctor, but I don’t think it’s really a “disorder,” it seems like something like a broken bone because, a broken bone is sustained from some sort of accident, and depression comes from an accident that affects you “mentally.” Once she had gotten off for the night, I decided to spend some of the time that I could be sleeping, researching. Researching what you might ask? Researching even more about depression.

The next morning, I didn’t hear from her for a little bit, it was about (not exact time) 10:00-10:30 when I had heard from her. She had told me that I had helped her with her depression a lot, and I felt like I had done a really good deed, and it had made me feel really good inside from helping her with her depression, than knowing that “wouldn’t” need to help her any more with it. But for now, it’s not that big of a problem. Not for her. And not for me.

And I learned a lesson here, the lesson learned was; that you always should try to help someone with depression or anxiety, because if you ignore them, they’ll get lonelier, and being depressed or having anxiety is already a really lonely experience. So all I have to say is, if they’re is a person who has depression or anxiety, help them out, they need it, and they deserve it.
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