Jun 04

Hello Pavement

I zipped down the hill the wheels of my bike spinning as fast as a chain saw, my friends Ryan and Dylan close behind.  At this point the bike path was bumping up and down as we sped towards home.
    Then my bike flew through the air.  It tumbled and tossed. My friends watched in aw as the bike did tricks by itself.  I hit the pavement the bike was still in the air.




Ting, Ting,Ting the wheel was spinning as the back cog tinged loudly.

The first thing I noticed was my bloody shoulder and scraped shirt I tried to get up but my bike had fallen on top of me.  My friends walked over, I felt the bike being lifted off my body. I got up slowly because the aching pains throughout my body slowed me down.  When I finally got up with a limp in my step I smiled at them. The looked at me and slowly backed away and soon they asked me if I was okay. I slowly stuttered”y...y...e...s?” That’s when it hit me something was wrong.  I asked, “is it okay?” They shook their head in unison as if they were trying to scare me. Then my tongue hit it as I flew backward in pain. My tooth had broken and my nerve was exposed. I fainted for a second then regained consciousness I stood there in fear.  What would the dentist do to me?
    I started to panic as my heart raced as fast as a race car.  I got up as my mind was dizzy spinning in circles. The stinging pains tore through my tooth.    We were right by the road as ryan called his mom. The ring was so slow, “RING. RING. RING. RIN-”



“Miles broke his tooth,”  I cringed as I heard the word “BROKE” hoping that is wasn’t that bad.
    We walked into the car.  I smiled at the mirror but the mirror didn’t smile back.  I saw the jagged edge, it looked like a samurai used it’s sword to cut my tooth.  I looked kind of like a vampire with pointed teeth, a bloody mouth and a torn shirt.
    I learned a lot that day but most of all, my red helmet saved me that day.  Without that helmet I could have died. ALWAYS WEAR YOUR HELMET!!!