Dec 05
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I will Always be here

    I’m here but only you know. Only you can talk to and I can only talk to you. No else knows that I exist I am basically that imaginary friend that you had when you were little that would take the only other swing at recess and all the other kids would pick on you. But you grew out of that very fast because you didn’t want to grow up being known as the creepy one with the invisible friend. So every morning you would leave me at home and then we just kind of grew apart and you started hanging out with real people so I wasn’t important to you anymore but I was still there for you.

I was still there for you when you had your first real fight with your mom. You ran upstairs and slammed your door you screamed until you couldn’t scream anymore. You cried yourself to sleep that night asking yourself why you were even mad at your mom. In the morning you come downstairs and you don’t speak so you feel bad. Halfway through the day you realize how badly you messed and how much you love your mom.

I was there when your best friend and you had your first argument and you didn’t talk for weeks. You had been friends since kindergarten but then a new girl came and she wasn’t hanging out with you anymore. You texted her and asked if she wanted to come over and she said that she had plans with someone else. You fought and weren’t friends for a week then you were fine. You are still friends but you are on and off everyday.

I will always be here for  you I’m that friend that doesn’t tell your secrets. I’m that friend who will always be there for you when you get into a fight with your mom. I will be the one who is there when a loved one dies and all you do is cry. I will always be here.