Feb 05
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The Pet Shop

Yay! I finally get to choose an animal to take home. Which animal to choose, that’s the hard part. It’s five minutes till closing time. There are so many animals. Snakes, turtles, fish, birds, dogs, cats and more! Oooo, it’s sooo hard to choose! If I had a bird, I could train it to fly around me and never stray anywhere, and it can fly with my kite. If I had a snake I could scare my sister by letting it loose in her room. It wouldn’t be a poisonous one. Just a scary looking snake. If i got fish I could use the old fish tank in the garage and light it with neon colors. If I had a dog I could cuddle with it, groom it and bike and run with it. If I had a cat I could set up a jungle of cat towers in my room and hide with my cat.

Oh no, three minutes left. I got to choose fast. I’ll choose….. one of the dogs. How about, hmmm. A Golden Retriever. My family would love to have an animal like that, and I could train it and brush it’s pretty hair. So I guess all I have to do left is buy the dog before the shop closes.

Yay! I bought the Golden Retriever right before they closed. Few, that was hard. If I didn’t decide in time I wouldn’t have gotten an animal. It was very hard to choose. If I could have, I would have bought all the animals in the shop.