Feb 25
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Last week, I adopted a cat named Chester. He was orange with stripes, and had blazing green eyes. When I first brought him home, I realized he was very expressive. He would give me the strangest looks. I never saw him look at anyone else the way he looked at me. With such anger in his eyes. He scowled at me until the day I forgot to feed him. I left for work one day, completely oblivious to the fact that I was responsible for feeding this little guy. I left not one drop of food, and he noticed. But when I got home, he wasn't angry. He wasn't glaring at me like he had done the day before. He was just sitting there on the couch, pleading with his eyes. He looked so unbelievably sad. His eyes welled up, as he let out a small sound. I quickly race to the cat food, and then to Chester's bowl. He looks at me so thankfully, and I do the same to him. He's finally warmed up to me I think, as I pet his back. I watch as he finishes his food. Looking happier than ever, Chester turns to me, and scowls. I guess some things never change...