Oct 11
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Autumn Adaptations

I woke up earlier than usual today. Is it fall already? I walk to my bathroom mirror to see my skin has changed my yellow, orange red camoflauge. Huntings gonna be a lot easier, I thought. It was a saturday and I decided to do just that. I grabbed my compound bow and headed out. My heart started beating faster, as to keep warm in this cold autumn breeze making its way north. Useful. I sniffed the air for any scent of deer. They've been through here. I easily scope out deer trails with my keen eyes. Following the trail was child's play. I track this deer for ten minutes until I finally spot it, grazing in an open field. She's an easy target, I think to myself. She has no fawn. I decide to get a more definite shot and to climb the tree to my right. I unsheath my claws and climb with ease. I leap onto a branch with light feet and load an arrow from my quiver onto my bow. It takes no more than five seconds to aim and shoot the deer. The shot landed dead in her frontal lobe. She's down. I spring from the brach and land gracefully, running to my prize. As I stand over the deer, my stomach growls. Better now than later so nothing spoils. I dig into my fantastic meal.
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