Nov 09
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It's saturday night. The wind is making a moaning sound and the rain is stedly drumming on the roof. A flash lights up the room,a couple of seconds later there is a ear splitting clap of thunder followed by a minute of two of quiet. Then it repeats itself, lightning, thunder, lightning, thunder.

Every time the room is lit up I can take a couple of steps. I Know that is not fast enough, but I can't bring myself to continue forward in the dark. What if there is another one lurking on the floor, waiting for a unsuspecting human to step there. I my way to the door

Lightning, take a couple of steps, thunder, wate for a couple of seconds, lightning, thunder, on and on and on. I reach the door, I grab for the nob, it is oddly warm, I open the door, I step outside, my clothes are instantly drenched I start to run faster and faster. The farther away from that thing the better. After what seemed like hours but was probably only a couple of minutes I stop and slow to a walk. I am safe, I take one more step the ground falls away. I fall.      
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